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     It's been a week now, but even so, I haven't stopped raving about their cleaners! The team from EarlsfieldCarpetCleaners really did a spectacular job cleaning my whole house.
Denzel E19/05/2020
     This cleaning service does a full-service house cleaning once a week at my mum's flat. They are fantastic.
Jacob F.20/09/2019
     Fast cleaning service and very cheap too. Earlsfield Carpet Cleaning live up to the hype.
     Our business premises need a regular clean, particularly the front of house area. EarlsfieldCarpetCleaners do that for us every week, and they come to clean outside normal work hours which means that they have a free run of the place and they are able to get down to it and do a very intense job. This cleaning agency doesn't need you to have a utility room full of substances and cloths either - they bring it all with them so it makes it much easier for us not having to replenish the cleaning cupboard every few weeks and getting a great cleaning service.
Ian R.14/11/2014
     The main reason I was interested in hiring a professional cleaner was my sister. I figured that she needed some help with the cleaning, and seeing as she was going away for the weekend I thought I should surprise her. After a bit of shopping around, EarlsfieldCarpetCleaners was the company that made the best case. They were cheap, and based close to where she lives, so they were the obvious choice. They did a terrific job, overall, and I would definitely recommend them! I was certainly impressed, and it goes without saying that she was too. Dependable, affordable and convenient is how I would sum up the experience. Full marks!
Aiden D.29/08/2014

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